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About us and Contact Details

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all health care providers working in obstetrics and gynaecology with more knowledge on the correct and evidence based use of misoprostol in several indications. Therefore we provide useful and up-to-date information on the current evidence and the latest guidelines on misoprostol use for various indications.

It is our hope that the more widespread and correct use will help to improve women's health and reduce the unacceptable maternal mortality which we still face in some countries.

Meet the Founders

Prof Andrew Weeks MD FRCOG

Professor of International Maternal Health, University of Liverpool, UK


Dr Christian Fiala

Dr Christian Fiala, MD, PhD

Specialist in OB/Gyn, Vienna, Austria

Contacting us

Comments and further references are welcome. Please email to: misoprostol@aon.at


Website development and acknowledgements

2001 Website initially developed by Christian Fiala to publish Ugandan misoprostol dosage guidelines.

2002 Andrew Weeks joins Christian in the site maintenance.

2004 Updated Ugandan guidelines produced (thanks to Justus Hofmeyr, Paul Blumenthal, and Kim Hinshaw for expert comments).

2004 Site redeveloped by Owen Gigg of WestwindMoves and Gillian Vernon (University of              Liverpool).

2007 Guidelines revised and formally developed by expert group meeting in Bellagio, Italy.

2008 Updated guidelines with pdfs of dosage recommendations published (assisted by James Hare, University of Liverpool).

2008 Bibliography added (thanks to Daphne Chong and Latifa Patel, both University of Liverpool).

2008 Links to other guidelines added (thanks to Emily Hale and Lynsey Keswick, University of Liverpool for searching these out).

2008 Bibliography updated (thanks to Natasha Mitchell, University of Liverpool).

2009 Website updated and pictorial guide to the dilution of misoprostol added (thanks to Gemma Horton and Sana Makkan, both University of Liverpool)

2012 Misoprostol recommended dosage guidelines updated (thanks to Hannah Morrow, University of Liverpool)

2014 Availability table and map updated (thanks to Measuria Radheswari, University of Liverpool)