Misoprostol and Shivering

In numerous randomised controlled trials, there had been a significantly higher incidence of shivering in women administered misoprostol to treat or prevent postpartum haemorrhage. In many studies, shivering was self limiting, requiring little or no treatment. In a study by Patted SS et al., only 28% of women experiencing side effects after receiving misoprostol required medical treatment, and by 24 hours no women required medical treatment. No woman was transferred to a higher level of care due to symptoms associated with misoprostol.

“Shivering after delivery is a common clinical experience for many women. Perhaps, misoprostol administration increases the incidence of shivering by lowering the threshold for physiological shivering, or be related to a prostaglandin E1 effect on central thermoregulatory mechanisms”
Hofmeyr et al. A randomised controlled trial of oral misoprostol in the third stage of labour. BJOG 1998;105:971-75. Click here to read the study.

Misoprostol, like the vast majority of drugs, has potential adverse effects. The links below list the common symptom characteristics.